New Year’s really is the time for change, isn’t it? We are all busy making resolutions and big promises for those exciting 12 months that lay ahead of us.

In this context, one thing that probably would do us all good is to change our fashion shopping habits and our overall relation to clothes. During the first decade of the new Millennium, with the boom of fast fashion, we started shopping like never before. Instead of purchasing clothes twice a year, for winter and summer, the average shopper came home with at least one new garment virtually every week! The result? A cluttered and messy wardrobe, an empty bank account and massive guilt feelings. Not to mention the environmental consequences or working conditions in production countries…

The last few years however, the trend of fashion over consumption is increasingly challenged, and even some of the big names of the industry advocate wardrobe minimalism. For instance; Donna Karan introduced, already in 1985, the concept of Seven Easy Pieces; a trailblazing collection where the idea was minimising the number of garments instead of maximising it. The US designer explains this concept in a way that I am sure most of us can completely relate to: “I am quite slow in the morning and don’t wake up properly until about 10AM. Therefore, I really don’t need challenges in the wardrobe.” reveals Karan to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, in 2012.

Shopping Allessandra Ambrosio

”Victoria’s Secret Angel Allessandra Ambrosio looking good off-duty.”

Donna Karan is far from being the only designer with a simplistic dress code. Look at Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford and Alber Elbaz; who are always impeccably attired in simple dark suits, only accessorised with gloves (Lagerfeld) or a bow tie (Elbaz). And: not only designers embrace a less-is-more fashion philosophy. The standard supermodel off-duty uniform typically consists of: t-shirt, a slim jean and ankle boots. Stylish, understated and versatile.

These examples show us that you don’t need a big wardrobe to look good. On the contrary, a smaller range of carefully selected garments makes your life easier, while increasing your style factor. Why not make 2014 the year of the clutter-free wardrobe, and kick off with a proper clear out? A great way to get rid of your excess clothing – and still get some return from it – is a clothes swapping event, where you usually are allowed to take home as many items as you contribute with. And, just listen to the sound of it: ‘clothes’ and ‘event’ in the same phrase: it’s just bound to be fun! While a swapping event doesn’t exactly make your wardrobe a lot smaller, it allows you to upgrade it and clear out things that don’t fit you and your style.



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