Charlotte began her professional life, over ten years ago, offering a variety of treatments and massages, in spas in both London and the Caribbean.  Over time, her studies of Reiki and other types of alternative healing, took her on a more holistic path to helping people.  She has trained with The School of Thai Yoga Massage in London, and has been a Reiki Master for eight years.


Thai Yoga Massage is a powerful therapy combining applied yoga, acupressure and gentle stretching – a thorough holistic treatment that can be enjoyed by anyone seeking balancing, de-stressing, energising, or relaxing. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of their past experience of massage or yoga.


Reiki is also a wonderful and magical, holistic, hands-on healing treatment, a gentle yet powerful therapy, wonderfully rejuvenating and deeply balancing.




Charlotte aims to give her clients an enjoyable, varied, rich, and complete experience, combined with a deep sense of well being and healing, on all levels, mind, body and spirit.


Charlotte enjoys yoga, dancing, and studying women’s cycles and feminine energy, for empowerment and growth. In recent years, she has passed on this knowledge through running her own women’s self development workshops, coaching women to live fulfilled, healthy and empowered lives.


Experience the wonderful  therapeutic touch of Charlotte’s Tai Yoga massage & Reiki, 15 or 30 min taster sessions at Swap In The City UK in the ‘Beauty Fusion’ on 25th August available 1pm-5pm