I recently received a bottle of Argan oil from The Argan Company and was very keen on trying it as I was looking for a treatment for my scalp, which had become dry and itchy. The Argan Company argan oil is a 100% natural product which origins from the unique Moroccan argan forests, and the many benefits of the oil has been known to man for centuries.


My irritated scalp was partly a result of general dehydration and alongside increasing my water intake; I also began with daily argan oil treatments, where I parted my hair into sections to be able to apply the beautifully golden liquid directly to the scalp. Whatever was left on my hands, I smoothed onto the ends of my hair, which seemed to seal the shafts and ease any split endings and frizz.

I was so impressed with the effect of the argan oil on my scalp! It immediately soothed the irritation and within two weeks there was a visible and tangible result, where dryness and chappyness started to ease away.

The Argan Company argan oil is surprisingly lightweight, and hence very agreeable to apply to the skin. It is odourless, easily absorbed and lacks any harmful additives; all together making it suitable for everyday use. Another good thing is the smart pump bottle, which helps you avoid unnecessary waste and spillage.

Argan Company

Argan oil is a versatile product and can be used for skin, nail and hair treatments. Since I was so happy with how the condition of my scalp had improved, I decided to treat myself to an argan oil spa day, including a face mask and a foot soak, the latter containing a few drops of argan oil as well as lemongrass and lavender essential oils. The Argan Company has a number of great recipes for face and body home treatments up on their website, and I used one of those for the mask, which I applied after a peeling with Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. The exfoliation removed any dead skin cells clogging the pores, and allowed the components of the mask to penetrate deep for maximal effect. My skin was left incredibly smooth afterwards, and also felt healthy and comforted.

As for my feet, they were actually in quite good shape, since I had recently had a pedicure but, just like my hands, they do get dry very easily and I wanted to give them a bit of extra pamper. After the 15 minutes’ soak, I gently patted them dry and they looked and felt amazing! My plan was to finish off the treatment by moisturising my feet with a tiny bit of the oil, but actually, there was no need to. They were so soft and smooth already.


empty bottle argan oil

By now, I have become slightly addicted to this miracle product and got upset when the bottle was empty: how could I exist a day without it? I love using the oil for my hands and cuticles last thing in the evening, giving them a well deserved treat, which works overnight, leaving the skin incredibly smooth and supple in the morning.

For more information, beauty advice and exciting home spa recipes; do have a look at The Argan Company website: