Swedish Stockings is a unique, Swedish brand, manufacturing something as desirable as environmental friendly, organic women’s tights. We were lucky enough to get a chat with Linn and Nadja; founders and owners of the company, and here is what they had to say about their business:

When did you get the idea behind Swedish Stockings? And where?

About a year ago, we watched a documentary on how ladies’ tights went from being a proper piece of clothing – mended by the tailor when broken – to a major women’s disposable product -binned as soon as there is even just a small ladder to it. We started thinking about this and did some research on the manufacturing process, which unfortunately turned out to be quite detrimental, and for instance includes the use of crude oil. With this new insight, we began looking into the possibilities of manufacturing tights in a more environmental friendly way. After spending a lot of time and effort, we finally found a kind of recycled nylon, which is now used for our range.

We also reckoned that tights were the perfect item for e-tailing: they are usually not tried on before purchase, and fit without difficulty into your mail box. In addition, tights are an important article of consumption, and by vending it online, we would save our customers a lot of time and effort.

Below: Amanda Control Top

Amanda Control Top

From where do you get the material for your tights? And how is it processed (from “rubbish” to fresh yarn)?

Our tights are made of a recycled nylon from Israel; the material is patented and certified organic. Through a very complex process, nylon from various sources is melt down and then reproduced.  The environmental aspect is crucial for us; and hence all our packaging is equally from recycled materials.

Where are your products produced?

The actual yarn is from Israel, while the tights themselves are made in the Ukraine. We have chosen a factory as close to us [in Sweden] as possible, in order to limit the company carbon footprint.

Below: Elin Nude

Swedish stockings

Are you planning to extend the brand with any new products or lines in the near future?

While our focus mainly will be on the Swedish market, we have also started introducing our brand to other countries. At the same time, we are constantly looking at novel, inventive ideas and will for instance soon be launching a subscription service for Swedish Stockings! Furthermore, we think that everyone should be able to wear our product and will also be looking at things like children’s tights, pregnancy tights as well as support tights.

Below: Filippa Dots

filippa dots

Other than shipping to an impressive number of countries; are you planning to set up any physical stores? Or shop-in-shops etc.? For instance in the UK?

Obviously, the thought has crossed our minds and, in that case, we would initially be wholesaling to selected retailers.


What product from the collection is your personal favourite?

It’s a hard choice; every product has its particular occasion. Our basic style Olivia is amazing, but we are also incredibly proud of Stefanie Seam which is great for more festive events.

 Below: Olivia


Below: Stefanie Seam

stephanie seam

Finally, what would you like to say to the ladies who are buying and wearing your tights?

A Big Thank You! These girls are our biggest source of inspiration; and our main ambition is to make them happy. We are enjoying a truly amazing response from our customers, and this is what makes our business possible. Realising how people are appreciating the environmental aspect of our company is a real treat for us.



Written by: Johanna Bergström

Images: Swedish Stockings