The following guest post was written by personal stylist  Susie Styles

Fashion is constantly moving and evolving; with new micro trends and fads popping up every week it’s easy to slip into poor shopping habits and buying items just for the sake of it.  A recent survey revealed that one in ten UK women went shopping on a daily basis, while the same proportion said they bought ‘fashion’ items once a week and 40 percent said they were most likely to shop for clothes every fortnight. The remaining number said they went shopping around once a month.

The scariest thing was that when asked to evaluate how much they spent on unworn or returned items, 37 percent said the cost was between £20.00 and £40.00 each month. So here are some fail-safe style tips to help you successfully navigate your way through the fashion jungle.

1) Accessorize

One of the best (and most affordable!) ways to keep your wardrobe up to date is to use accessories to brighten and revitalise your look. Add items like a statement necklace or headpiece and an eye-catching studded skinny belt.

2) Colour

Colour has a powerful effect not only on how you feel and your mood, but on how others respond to you and the impact you have on them. But if colour scares you then add a subtle pop into your outfit with a turquoise bag, yellow nails or coral belt.

3) Keep it Chic

Use monochrome, khaki or black as the foundation to keep your look timeless and elegant but experiment with different textures and dress up or down with a smart t-shirt or blazer.

4) Boots

Ankle boots are a trans-seasonal wardrobe staple. They work really well in the summer months to toughen up very girly floaty dresses as well as in the colder parts of the year with jeans and skirts. There are lots of lovely ankle boots with unusual designs and different colours around but brown or grey are your best bet.

Thankyou for your great tips Susie!

Guest blog feature by Susie Styles

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