Have you ever thought about what happens to non-recyclable plastic items?  How else we could make use of them?  Well, we caught up with Maria of Plastic Seconds who has a love for items such as colourful plastic bottle tops that can not be recycled and are thrown away.  These with the use of materials already out there, Maria began to create limited edition, fun recycled body adornments. Giving plastic objects and materials which otherwise would normally end up on the rubbish heap a new lease of life.


What inspired you to start Plastic Seconds?

I was inspired to create Plastic Seconds by looking at the kaleidoscopic, colourful contents of a box in which, a few years ago, me and my flatmates used to collect all the bottle tops that could not be recycled. This shifted my perception and gradually more and more non recyclable plastic elements in my environment became pieces in my head.

What makes you different to other sustainable/upcycling accessory brands?

Plastic Seconds combines innovative design ideas with humor and sustainability and is also unique in its offer of one-off, collectable, art jewellery in affordable prices.

© SMALL Plastic Seconds recycled lego and red plastic lids headpiece

What 3 things do you take into consideration when creating the accessories?

Innovation, colour/shape dynamics, wearability (at least as far as the ideal Plastic Seconds customer is concerned).

Which piece have you been most proud of creating and why?

I am very proud of a few of them, especially the ones which combine elements to make a little sculpture of a jewellery piece. I am also very proud of my Biro lids necklace and earrings because it is such a witty, simple idea, no one else had touched upon for jewellery, and it is using a packaging element that goes to waste in so many offices, from what I can imagine!

If you could have only one accessory what would it be and why?

A chunky couture statement necklace made out of upcycled, unexpected objects, because I love playful statement necklaces. They also encourage communication between people because it is so hard not to comment on them with admiration and they make any old outfit shine.

Upcycled Pink Tops on Orange Tube

Which are some of the upcycling/sustainable brands who inspire you?

This list is by no means exhaustive, but where clothes are concerned, I love Antiform for super cool, comfy and affordable clothes, Lu Flux for their playfulness, and Andrea Crews for their artistic vision. A couple of fabulous jewellery designers who use found objects are Lisa Walker and Denise Julia Reytan

Where do you see the ethical/sustainable fashion industry being in 5 years time?

I think – and I hope – that in 5 years time there will be many many more small, local, independent designers who will make small collections, available online, from upcycled textiles and objects. I also envision much more activity in social projects via which people will swap their clothes and fashion items more extensively, and learn sewing skills so that they make their own fashion. I believe at one point we will have to and I am looking forward to it!

Finish the sentence… Fashion is…

Fashion is a path, among many, through which one can express their true nature so that both the person and the beholder can experience more joy.

Upcycled Green Felt Tip Lids earrings


Thank you to Maria Papadimitriou

Images: Plastic Seconds