Hi there my name is Zoe Morrison and I write Eco Thrifty Living a lifestyle blog where I write about how being eco-friendly helps me to spend less and make money!

zoe morrison

I like to take on a challenge and last year completed a year of eco-challenges which ranged from not buying anything ‘new to me’ for 11 months, to setting up a foodsharing Facebook group where I could give away and receive unwanted food, to attempting to go single use plastic free for a month! Part way through my challenges I worked out I had saved myself over £11,000 by being eco-friendly and thrifty (read more here)!

This year I have decided to set myself a new challenge – to earn £10,000 in a year without getting a job! I plan to earn the money by renting out my spare room, my home, my car and things I already have. Sharing (or renting out your stuff) is a really eco-friendly thing to do. The theory is that if you rent out your room, your car, your garage or your stuff while you aren’t using it then you make the best use of what already exists. You reduce the need for new stuff, new cars, new hotels and new storage units to be created, built and maintained to rent out to people.

I have decided to tackle this challenge on a month by month basis. I started the challenge in January and rented out my spare room to a student. She is with us for 8 weeks and when she goes I will rent the room to someone else (if not two people). This month I have been focussing on my car and plan to rent it out on the weekends when I am not using it. I have listed my car on Easycar club and am waiting to see if anyone will hire it! I am also currently trying to sell on-car advertising, but haven’t had any luck so far. In future months I plan to explore ideas like renting out my home while I have a holiday at relatives, renting out things that I don’t use very often or all year round e.g. my garden table and chairs and renting out more of my garage (I currently rent out a third of it for storage and get paid £65 a month for it). You can read my full plan for the year here.

So far this year I have earned just under £600 towards my goal, so I need to get going with the money making!!!

You can follow my progress with this challenge and general ecothrifty happenings in my life on my blog www.ecothriftyliving.com. I can often be found chatting on Twitter at @ecothrifty and would love you to join my Facebook Group where you can talk about all things eco-friendly and thrifty.