A big hello from The Argan Company!  We are sure that one way or another, you have heard about Argan oil. We wanted to tell you why we think Argan oil is the best thing to happen in beauty since concealer.

Argan oil started its journey into our high street when it received huge press attention from celebrities such as Eva Mendes, who proclaimed Argan oil was their ‘beauty miracle’. It is the world’s most expensive and rarest oil, only found in 1 region in Morocco, it takes over 20 hours to hand press 1 Litre of this ‘liquid gold’. 

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At The Argan Company, we wanted people to enjoy the benefits of Argan Oil without any harsh chemical additives. We offer a multi-purpose beauty product that takes your beauty regime back-to-basics.

We first stumbled across Argan Oil in its pure form on a holiday to Morocco and brought a few bottles back to London. As soon as our stash ran out we were desperate for more and started to look for a source in Morocco. The idea of starting our own company took off from there.

How does it work and how do you use it?

Lightweight, quick to absorb and non-greasy, argan oil boasts high amounts of anti oxidants- Its vitamin E content alone is up to 200% higher then its competitors almond oil and grapeseed oil. The blend of Omega 6 fatty acids and gamma tocopherols that make up Argan oil can help reduce inflammation and assist in skin regeneration. 

Face and Body

When used daily, Argan oil rids the skin of scarring, hyper pigmentation, acne, dry skin and evens the skin tone. Just warm a couple of drops between the palms of our hands and apply directly to freshly cleansed skin.


Its most common use is as a treatment for hair where its nourishing properties result in sleek, shiny, glowing hair! It’s ability to deep condition, without leaving a greasy residue makes it perfect for everyday use. For more damaged hair, apply directly to roots before washing (for best results leave over night) and massage into the scalp and ends. 

 Argan Company

What makes us different?

  • We only sell 100% Grade A pure organic Argan oil.
  • Our oil is Ethically sourced- women in the co-operatives who press the oil get a fair share
  • The oil is tested and certified by Eco Cert
  • There are no additives or preservatives or perfumes making it gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin
  • Every bottle is an airless dispenser pump bottle for easy use
  • By the end of 2014, we aim to offer a refill service and reducing our carbon footprint
  • We offer recipes for homemade cosmetics and masks
  • Dedicated after sales service


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Visit our website on www.theargancompany.co.uk to learn more top tips, more detailed information on how this miracle oil works and have a read of some bloggers reviews.

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